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The best way to know how well METADROL works is to see how it has helped real people to compete at a higher level in their chosen sport. We get emails all the time with METADROL success stories like these, once you have tried it and seen the results please send us your own success story so we can share it with the world!
  • I was always in pretty good shape but then I blew out my knee and I didn’t want to be one of those guys whose always stuck on the sidelines. METADROL has been an awesome part of my recovery plan and within a few weeks of adding it to my rehab I noticed a major difference.

    Muscle mass improved and my bulk began to come back but without the bloating or excess weight I’ve experienced with other supplements in the past. Hands down, METADROL is the best performance product on the market.

    T. Hollis – Gary, Indiana

  • For me, working out used to just be about getting ‘ripped’ so I would look great at the clubs. Then I got hired on as a Firefighter and ever since my body became the most important tool of my career I’ve started to take much better care of it. A crew of guys rely on me to be at my best regardless of the heat, the smoke, or anything else.

    METADROL helps me to be confident that when it really matters I’ll be up to handle whatever challenges I face on the job… or at the gym.

    T. Kelly – Boston, Massachusetts

  • I’ve been a body builder for a long time. I’ve spent so many hours in the gym to get the best results, but there was always something holding me back. I was always almost good enough but just short on the judges cards in competitions. METADROL made a big difference in my life. It’s helped me to become stronger, and in body building that means better results in the competitions.
    I recommend it to everyone, except the guys I compete against, because I like having that extra advantage.

    J.T Pena – Oahu, Hawaii

In clinical trials, athletes with METADROL gained strength, improved their body mass index results and reduced body fat 2.5 times faster than athletes without it. The formula has been proven in the laboratory and the gym!

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