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  1. Has METADROL Been Tested And Proven To Be Safe?

    METADROL has been carefully designed in a medical laboratory by chemists and biological engineers to provide a powerful combination of nutrients and lactic acid inhibitors which promote accelerated muscle growth, improved recovery time and reduced soreness after intense physical training sessions. Clinical trials showed that people who tried METADROL for 60 days gained an average of 19.7 pounds of body weight, and reduced their body fat in 3,4%. Back to the top
  2. Why Don’t I See METADROL Sold In My Local Store?

    METADROL is a quality athletic supplement with a very specific formula. Every package of METADROL is carefully produced, packaged and shipped directly from us to you. By shipping each package directly to you, we are able to maintain the strictest level of quality control. We know that even if we sell one million packages of METADROL every month, the only one that really matters is the one that is going to you. We guarantee maximum efficacy in every package because each box is hand-packed and thoroughly inspected by trained METADROL service technicians. Back to the top
  3. How Quickly Will I Notice Results From METADROL?

    Typically athletes who use METADROL as directed begin to notice significant results in the first training session. Everybody says that the big change is in the increase of the energy level of the body. You will notice a gradual improvement in your muscle gain results after 2-3 weeks. The first noticeable signs that METADROL is working come after a workout when you feel sore for a shorter period of time, recover faster and are ready to train again sooner. Those important gains are followed by deeper muscle depth, greater muscle mass and improved muscle endurance. Back to the top
  4. Is METADROL Legal And Allowed By My League?

    Every ingredient in METADROL has been carefully prescreened and approved. The combination of nutrients in METADROL are powerfully effective, and none of these important nutritional elements has ever been banned by any major athletic league. Athletes are always encouraged to research the requirements of their specific governing body in greater detail, however we are confident you will find that METADROL is 100% safe, legal, effective and allowed by your sports organization. Back to the top
  5. Is METADROL Safe For Women Or Children?

    Athletic women in good health may benefit from the use of METADROL. Women who may be pregnant, children under the age of 18 years old, or anyone with pre-existing medical conditions is strongly advised to consult their physician prior to trying this, or any other, fitness supplement. Our goal is to provide serious athletes with a competitive edge in their training regimen. When used as directed, METADROL is the most powerful, safe and effective muscle gain formula for healthy adults interested in building greater strength as part of their fitness plan. Back to the top
  6. How Is METADROL Packaged And Shipped?

    METADROL can be shipped to you anywhere in the world. We use a plain brown box without any specific markings or advertising visible from the outside. We value your privacy and know that you may not want to let everyone know how you are getting a competitive advantage in the gym, on the court, on the field or at the beach. We do appreciate it if you pass along our name to your friends and teammates but we leave that up to you and always provide your shipments in an anonymous manner. Back to the top
  7. What Does METADROL Taste Like?

    METADROL has no definable taste. Like any vitamin or medication it has a dull flavor from the organic cellulose used to create each tablet, however the formula is otherwise odorless and tasteless. Unlike thick ‘sports shakes’ and ‘powder mixes’ that can be hard to digest and awful to taste, METADROL is a clean and easy alternative. Best of all, it provides greater results in less time without any side-effects. That’s the METADROL difference! Back to the top
  8. How to use METADROL? How many bottles I need for a full cycle?

    Check our order page and find cycle that fit your needs. Back to the top
  9. How many capsules are in each bottle of METADROL?

    60 capsules. Back to the top

METADROL helps me to be confident that when it really matters I’ll be up to handle whatever challenges I face on the job… or at the gym. T. Kelly – Boston, Massachusetts

In clinical trials, athletes with METADROL gained strength, improved their body mass index results and reduced body fat 2.5 times faster than athletes without it. The formula has been proven in the laboratory and the gym!

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